What is Implant Treatment?

Dental implants; It is a titanium screw that imitates the natural tooth root. It is placed on the jawbone and at the end of the healing period, a porcelain tooth is placed on it. Implants have been used in dentistry since the 1980s. When there is a missing tooth, it has been possible to make porcelain teeth without cutting the teeth in front and behind the cavity. Many of our patients have freed from removable palate prostheses and have fixed porcelain teeth.

How Is Implant Made?

It is checked whether the patient has healthy gums and suitable jawbone. Implant treatment can be started for the patient who does not have a systemic disability. There is no age limit for the implant. It can also be applied to elderly patients. After tooth extraction, it is checked whether there is any inflammation in order to perform an implant operation immediately. Otherwise, the application can be started, but otherwise the inflammation is expected to heal.

The implant operation takes about 10-15 minutes. If the patient does not have a special condition, local anesthesia (numbing used in filling) is preferred. The fusion of the jawbone and the screw is completed in 2-4 months. Stitches should be removed 1 week after the operation. Temporary teeth can be made immediately after the implant operation.

What are the advantages?

Bone resorption stops in the implanted area. This is the most important advantage. In fact, getting an implant is an investment in the future. Because severe bone resorption is seen in non-functioning bone. Bone resorption always continues under the bridge body, total and removable prosthetic palate.

When making a bridge, the teeth next to the gap should be cut. In addition, the teeth are connected to each other in the bridge. When the implant is made, there is no need to cut the healthy teeth and most importantly, the teeth can be made one by one (naturally).

Removable dentures supported by implant treatment provide the closest function and aesthetics to the natural tooth. Thanks to the implants, the chewing force and retention of the prosthesis increase.

The chewing force increases, the digestive problems disappear as the food will be chewed better.

Food is more delicious. This feeling is reduced in the palate prosthesis. As with natural teeth, nerve tissue forms around implants. This makes the food feel.

What should be considered in implant application?

Implant application has been done very frequently for many years. It has been a routine procedure almost as much as filling.

However, implant application should be done with great seriousness and devotion. Because unlike other applications, it is much more difficult to compensate for the mistakes made.

The biggest mistake made in implant applications is wrong planning. The implant may fuse to the jawbone and the patient may not have any pain complaints. However, if a mistake is made in the placement of the implants, that is in the planning, it becomes difficult for the patient to eat and even speak. The important thing is not the placement of the implant; It is the healthy fitting of the implant by the doctor in accordance with the patient's oral structure.

It is very rare for the implant not to fuse to the jawbone. Sterilization rules are kept at the highest level during implant application. Disposable surgical sets should be used. Implant loss usually occurs due to infection.

Today, implants are applied in almost every application. However, the quality of the material used and the knowledge and skill of the physician are much more important.

Patients always want to achieve results in a short time with the least possible intervention. With the developing technology, dentistry applications are getting easier day by day.

Physicians as well as patients want all treatments to be as easy as possible. However, it is much more important to choose the right way, not the easy way, to achieve results, especially in implant applications. We hope that the number of patients who suffer as a result of unconscious implant applications will decrease in our country.

When is the tooth placed on the implant?

If a fixed porcelain tooth is to be made, it will be sufficient to wait 2-4 months for the bone and implant to fuse (osseointegration). The waiting time depends on the quality of the patient's jawbone. It can take up to 6 months if bone building techniques have been used before. At the end of the healing process, the physician is visited and the healing cap is placed on the implant. After 3-7 days, the measurement is taken, after the rehearsal session, the porcelain tooth is fixed to the implant. After the impression is taken, the construction of the tooth is completed within 6 working days.

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