How Is Teeth Whitening Process Done?
There are two different application methods of teeth whitening, home and office. In both types of whitening, the person is first examined in the mouth and if there is no obstacle to the process, the type of bleaching is decided. We can talk about teeth whitening and teeth whitening methods as we briefly touch on how teeth whitening is done.

Teeth Whitening Methods
Teeth whitening methods vary. Types of teeth whitening applications are divided into two as home type teeth whitening and office type teeth whitening. Let's take a look at these procedures for teeth whitening.

What is Home Teeth Whitening? (Home Whitening)
One of the most preferred teeth whitening techniques is at-home teeth whitening. If it is decided to use home-type teeth whitening after the examination, the measurements of the teeth are taken and thin, transparent plaques that completely surround the teeth are prepared in the laboratory according to these measurements. The patient is applied to these plaques in the form and amount of gel recommended by the doctor, and the plaque is placed on the teeth. In order for the whitening gel not to damage the gums, the part overflowing from the plaque should be wiped with a damp cotton pad. Standby time is about 5-7 hours. The number of applications depends on the recommendation of the physician, it is very important to use it regularly during this period in order to get maximum results from the treatment. This teeth whitening method is not teeth whitening at home, it is a teeth whitening method that should be done in the clinic. If you want to protect your dental health at home, we recommend using a dental care kit.

What is Office Type Teeth Whitening? (Office whitening)
It is a whitening method applied in the clinic by the physician. It is one of the most preferred teeth whitening applications. After the teeth are dry, a protective gel is applied to the gums so that the whitening agent does not damage them and they are frozen with the help of light. Then, whitening gel is applied to distribute it homogeneously on the front surfaces of the teeth. Different companies have different applied products. For some products, it takes about 20-40 minutes. There are light-activated and light-activated varieties. During this time, the teeth are exposed to light in light-activated ones. A laser can also be used as a light source. It can be preferred because the use of light will shorten the time in products that are switched on without light. Depending on the desired whiteness, the session can be repeated several times.

Laser Zoom Teeth Whitening
Laser teeth whitening is a product of developing technology. Treatment is completed quickly after each soft tissue is isolated using a barrier. It is possible for patients to see the result in a short time. There is no sensitivity in the gums and teeth.

Zoom teeth whitening technique is done using special LED light. Protective is applied during the session. After the session is over, protection is continued by using vitamin E. This method, which has been put forward as a result of long research, is power assisted whitening.

It is the dual gel application that we prefer most in different products developed in recent years in office type teeth whitening. In this system, two different gels that whiten and strengthen the teeth are mixed and applied. With this system, it is possible to whiten teeth without pain in a single session.

In order to see the effect of the instant teeth whitening process, it is necessary not to consume foods and drinks containing dyes for 48 hours after the whitening process. During this period, the bleaching process continues, the dyestuffs to be used may adversely affect this process. If there is intense sensitivity in the teeth after whitening, fluoride application can also be made. You have a chance to have an aesthetic smile after the whitening procedure. For those who want quick teeth whitening, we can recommend office type teeth whitening.

What Should Be Done Before Teeth Whitening?
People who want to whiten their teeth should go through a preliminary preparation process before this process. Of course, this process should be a process that will be determined and managed by the specialist physician. Health problems in existing teeth and gums should be eliminated before tooth polishing is performed. For example, the caries of the patients with dental caries should be treated first, the necessary treatments should be given to those with gingival problems, and the calculus should be cleaned. In a situation where cavities are not cleaned, the gel substances to be used to whiten the teeth go beyond the cavities and pass into the deep tissues of the tooth, in this case, undesirable results may occur and the damage can be extremely severe. For this reason, bleaching should not be applied to such patients.

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