What is Orthodontics?

Orthodontics is a science that diagnoses and treats jaw and tooth disorders today. During orthodontic treatment, it helps the development of the jaw especially in young children and helps the teeth to come out in the right positions.
However, many negativities such as skewness in adults are corrected and maxillofacial disorders are restored.
With orthodontic treatment, individuals will both have healthier teeth and have an aesthetic appearance. Congenital jaw and facial disorders are also treated with orthodontics.

Who is Orthodontic Treatment Applied to?

Orthodontic treatments are performed with at least 4 years of orthodontic expertise in the dentistry education process. Procedures and treatments performed by people trained in orthodontic disorders. After studying Dentistry for 5 years, he or she specializes in orthodontics for 4 years and a doctoral program is carried out. In addition, people who pass the current exams work as orthodontists.

At What Ages Is Orthodontic Treatment Applied?

Orthodontist and treatment is a form of treatment that can be applied to all age groups. The important thing is how the tooth disorder is and at what stage it is. If the present disorder is caused only by the teeth, it can be treated at any age. However, if there is a problem in the skeletal system, the adolescence period of the patient is expected to pass.

In adulthood, it is planned to combine surgical operations with treatment due to skeletal problems. Some wire materials are used for tooth distortion. In addition, the biggest problem today in patients who have problems with the alignment of the teeth is that the braces are not aesthetically pleasing. However, with the developing technology, the creation of invisible wires is a great advantage for patients.

Why is Orthodontic Treatment Performed?

There are two purposes in orthodontic treatment. While dental disorders cause aesthetic anxiety in the patient, they also bring health problems. Today, damaged teeth greatly affect aesthetic anxiety. However, in cases such as not cleaning the teeth properly, it prevents the current function from being fully fulfilled. As these disorders progress, more advanced problems arise.
In addition, orthodontic treatment is applied against many conditions such as gum recession and external tooth loss. Collaboration with ear or throat physicians may be necessary during orthodontic treatment. However, help can be obtained from different surgical branches during the treatment.

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