Why is aesthetic dentistry important?
Aesthetic; It is related to the sense of beauty in people and this sense of beauty creates a positive perception. We want to smile when we are happy, and the aesthetic appearance that emerges with our smile creates positive impressions on the people in front of us. Aesthetic dentistry is one of the prominent oral and dental health services in this sense.

While your warm smile creates a positive effect on the people you communicate with, it also helps you look self-confident. However, most people try not to smile as much as possible due to the bad appearance caused by problems with their teeth.

Aesthetic dentistry services consist of various procedures and operations planned according to the needs of the person in order to obtain aesthetic and healthy teeth. The purpose of these applications is to give the person the aesthetic smile they want and to protect their dental health while providing this. Treatment plans are made for problems such as jaundice, multiple caries, crowding and fractures in the teeth. Working with a multidisciplinary approach, it acts with sub-branches such as periodontology (gum diseases) and orthodontics when necessary.

What is the purpose of aesthetic dentistry practices?
• To design an aesthetic and healthy smile suitable for the person's facial structure
• Reaching the desired color and size by solving gum problems
• To obtain aesthetic and natural-looking results by providing the treatment needed by the problematic teeth.
• To ensure that the person has both healthy and aesthetic mouth and teeth.

What procedures should be done to achieve aesthetic teeth?
Aesthetic dentistry applications are personal, each patient has different dental problems. According to the need; Treatment plans are made for various problems such as worn, yellowed teeth, crooked or gaping teeth, yellowed teeth and tooth fractures. For example; If the teeth are yellow, whitening is done, if there is tooth loss, implants can be made, and veneers can be applied for worn or broken teeth. All applications are planned in such a way that the most appropriate and most effective result will be obtained with the evaluation of the dentist.

How is aesthetic dentistry treatment planned?
The tooth structure, length and alignment of the person in the mouth are evaluated in detail by the dentist. With the new generation Dental Digital Cephalometric Tomography in our clinic, bone and soft tissue details that cannot be seen in Panoramic X-ray can be displayed in three dimensions in many sections with low radiation. Thus, possible problems that may occur in the future are prevented and a more appropriate response is given to the aesthetic demands of the patients. Necessary plans are made as a result of all evaluations.

It is very important that aesthetic dental applications are performed by an experienced dentist in this field.

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