What is a prosthetic tooth?

Oral health is adversely affected in many ways in tooth loss. The prosthetic tooth is a type of operation that aims to prevent these negativities. prosthetic tooth operation; It aims to eliminate missing teeth, tissues around the teeth, aesthetic losses, deficiencies in chewing and speaking functions. Compensating for these deficiencies, the prosthetic tooth also contributes to the health of the existing tissues around the tooth.

Prosthetic teeth can be of different types depending on whether they are mobile or fixed and the material they are made of. At the same time, removable and fixed prostheses can take different names according to their properties.

The dental prosthesis process, which can be found in different forms according to the needs and wishes, is able to increase the satisfaction of the patients thanks to these developments.

What are the types of prosthetic teeth?

Prosthetic teeth are handled under two main headings as fixed and mobile. These two types of prostheses differ among themselves according to some features.

Fixed Prosthesis

Fixed prosthesis is the replacement of missing or largely lost teeth in a way that is compatible with the existing tooth color and texture. Fixed dentures are divided into bridge teeth and crown teeth.

● What is a Crown Tooth, How Is It Made?
It is the name given to the reduction of teeth that have lost too much material due to caries and fractures. These teeth are reduced and then coated.

● How Are Bridge Teeth Made?
Bridge operation is used in cases where more than one tooth is damaged due to caries and fractures. In such tooth deficiencies, the surrounding teeth become smaller. Then, the gaps are filled by using various coatings.

Removable Prosthesis
Removable prosthesis is the name given to prostheses that can be easily removed and attached by the user. There are different types of removable dentures such as classical partial, precision attachment, full denture, immediate denture and overdenture.

● Classical Partial Prosthesis
Classic partial dentures are attached to the remaining teeth with crochets. This prosthesis, also known as a hooked prosthesis, can be removed by the patient.

● Precision Fitted Prosthesis
In cases where there is more than one tooth loss, precision attachment dentures are used. This type of prosthesis, also known as clipless prosthesis or hookless prosthesis, provides attachment to other teeth in the mouth with porcelain material coatings.

● Full Denture
Full dentures or dentures as it is known among the people are used in cases where all teeth are lost.

● Instant Prosthesis
Immediate prosthesis is a kind of temporary prosthesis. Immediate prostheses made for patients who will receive implant treatment can also be applied to patients who need to have all their teeth extracted. In such cases, patients are immediately given a prosthesis for temporary use.

● Supradenture
Overdenture types that have the same appearance as full dentures are applied to the teeth that are planned to be removed in the future. In this prosthesis, caps are attached to the tooth under the prosthesis. With these caps, the prosthesis is retained.

Other Prosthesis Types

With the developing world conditions, the opportunities in the health system may increase. Another type of dental prosthesis is the plug-in prosthesis. Plug-in dentures or ankered teeth are teeth that fit into the palate through special sockets. It is frequently used in patients with tooth deficiency problems. This type of prosthesis can also be preferred in patients who cannot or cannot use fixed prostheses.

Sliding dental prosthesis, which is another type of dental prosthesis, receives support from the teeth, but unlike other methods, the remaining teeth in the mouth must be closed. Sliding dental prosthesis, which makes a big difference in terms of aesthetics, is financially more expensive than other prostheses.

How Is Prosthetic Teeth Made?

The missing and full teeth of the patient who applies to the dentist for dental prosthesis are first examined by the doctor. At this stage, factors such as which prosthesis will be needed and the patient's request are also taken into account. Tooth color is also adjusted according to the patient's request.

In a few sessions and appointments, the doctor takes the measurements of the teeth, performs the necessary procedures, pulls the teeth that need to be extracted and makes the mouth suitable for the prosthesis.

When all the necessary procedures for the prosthesis phase are completed, the dental prosthesis process begins. At this point, the procedures performed according to the type of prosthetic tooth vary.

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